Video Services

Professional VideocameraIn today's age of the computer, sometimes a simple transcript isn't enough. What did the witness do when you asked the question? Were they confident in their answers? Did they look confused? These are some of the questions that a transcript might not hold the answers, but a Videotaped Deposition can lock those facial expressions forever. Use the links on the right to learn more about how we can provide you the support you need when it comes to video.

Polycom SystemAlso consider videoconferencing. Reach witnesses around the world from the convenience of our video conference room. It's a fast, reliable, lower-cost alternative to travel, saving you time and money. Our state-of-the-art video conference facility provides broadcast-quality, face-to-face, realtime communications between two or more locations and is perfect for depositions, sworn statements, job interviews, expert consultations, witness preparation, settlement conferences, contract negotiation, and business meetings. Call for special rates when you schedule a court reporter with us, including substantially discounted local room charges.